Wacky Animal Videos Guaranteed to Cheer You Up

The Internet has enriched our lives in zillions of ways. We appreciate its tremendous contributions to knowledge, communication and politics. But let’s not forget the biggest benefit of all: wacky animal videos. Here are a few that tickled our funny bone while attesting to the diversity of life.

Cats Acting Up

Wacky Cats
Our Human Environment Provides for Plenty Of Hilarious Cat Moments

Cats are the most popular pet in America. They have many lovable traits, and a few that aren’t so cute. As this video shows, cats can go from fuzzy and huggable to mean, lean attacking machines without a second’s notice. The target may be your hair, your hand or a roll of toilet paper. It’s their natural instinct – remember, cats are hunters and are genetically disposed to attack moving objects, just in case one is a tasty mouse.

Bathing Dogs

Good dog grooming includes a weekly bath. It helps keep the skin and coat healthy, and lends a fresh aroma to your ripe Rottweiler. Many dogs love the water and gladly jump into a bathtub, swimming pool, placid lake or rushing river. As this video proves, there are plenty of dogs that will do anything to avoid a bath. Some bark viciously while others play dead. Don’t be discouraged if your dog is a reluctant bather – there are training techniques your veterinarian can recommend, and there’s always the friendly local groomer.

Cute Animals

What do we mean by cute? How about a dog riding a tortoise, a monkey stealing a piece of toast or cat and monkey kissing. Some of the most interesting videos show two different animal species interacting in funny ways. In cartoons, it’s the dog menacing the cat, but in real life, our money is on the kitty, and this video provides compelling evidence.

Noisy Beasts

Is your dog a howler, or perhaps a chanteuse? There is plenty of wolf in every dog, and chances are you’ve encountered a howling hound or talkative terrier. This video also proves other animals like to make noise, from a babbling cat to a hysterical goat. We don’t know what they are trying to say, but there is obviously something on their minds. Just ask the cockatoo.

Will Babysit for Snacks

Want to save a fortune on babysitter fees? Easy – just let your dog watch after junior, but don’t forget to have your video camera out. On the universal cute meter, nothing scores higher than a cute baby being tended by a cute doggy. OK, maybe a dog watching over twin babies is the ultimate winner.

He’s So Unusual

Two turntables side by side. You man one, your Frenchy has the other. Not only does the dog know how to scratch out the rhythm, he alternates perfectly with you! Amazing. If you like watching a bulldog rolling down a hill, a chihuahua doing the cha-cha or a pooch attacking the vacuum cleaner, this video proves that animals can be, well, weird.

Wacky Birds

Birds can be hilarious. In this video, a pigeon does its best to wake up a cat, a seagull devours a hotdog, baby ducks are blown away by a gust of winds, a crow and a dog play soccer with an egg, a penguin goes on the attack and a pigeon spins round, round like a record, baby. The most unnerving snippet is a parrot perfectly mimicking a crying baby – a parent’s nightmare.

Terrific Tortoises

Smiling Tortoise
Reptiles Such As This Tortoise Can Also Be Cute

Don’t underestimate the reptiles. These turtles prove they can be quick and agile, whether chasing toy cars, attacking the family cat, playing softball or giving a ride to a hitchhiking puppy. If these videos are at all representative, tortoises appear to be fearless and friendly.

Grin and Bear It

We all know that bears can be ferocious predators. But this video brings out their other side – playful, curious and great dancers. We thought ham comes from a pig, but these bears prove they can ham it up with the best.

These Guys Are Nutty

Did you know that squirrels like nuts? If not, you’ll find this video most educational. These guys are also big swingers, smooth car drivers, fierce fighters and voracious cucumber eaters. Also, they are criminally cute.

Daring Hamsters

The opening scene shows a cute hamster nibbling on some tasty food, minding its own business. Suddenly, a cat! Shouldn’t the hamster run away in terror?  Not this one – he holds his ground until he finishes his current snack. Another brave boy steals a carrot from right under a rabbit’s nose. We are impressed!