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By now, almost everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the concept of stem cells for medical applications in humans. Briefly, stem-cell therapy is a form of ?regenerative? medicine, named for the fact that certain types of biological cells have the ability to regenerate into living tissue. Stem cells, in particular, are valuable for the treatment of many kinds of disease, precisely because they can be coaxed into developing into many different specific kinds of tissue, (such as bone, cartilage, ligaments, cardiac and other muscle tissues, and nerves), as needed to treat various different types of diseases and disabilities.

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In some respects, stem-cell therapy have come full circle in being available for veterinary applications at some of the nation?s leading veterinary hospitals and veterinary clinics. That is because, much like many other forms of medical treatments used in human medicine, stem-cell therapy was first tested and its techniques perfected on animal subjects before being approved for use in human patients. Now that many forms of stem-cell therapy have proven to be so useful and effective in treating human disease, they are being adapted for clinical use in veterinary medicine to treat various conditions that occur in animals in very similar ways to the way they occur in human beings. New Jersey veterinarian Paul Sedlacek is on the forefront of this new type of medicine and has already been fully certified in its use. Animal Clinic of Morris Plainshas been working with Vet Stem, one of the largest companies in veterinary stem cell therapies, and is currently preparing to conduct ?wet lab? training for the rest of the veterinary staff so that stem-cell therapy will soon be available at the Clinic.

Animal Clinic of Morris Plains Introduces Stem Cell Therapy for Pets
Animal Clinic of Morris Plains Introduces Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

In equine medicine, thousands of horses have been treated successfully with stem-cell therapy, most often for skeletal conditions or injuries. Among the most common stem-cell- therapy treatments for horses are to repair broken bones, torn ligaments, or the correction of natural anomalies such as bowed tendons that can affect their gait adversely and cause them discomfort. Some of the nation?s leading small-animal veterinarians are now beginning to receive training in the clinical applications and routine use of stem-cell therapies for house pets. To date, the most common applications in that respect have been the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs.  Now many dogs who would otherwise be suffering with deteriorating hip joints and knees are now enjoying their later years with their families without pain.  Animal Clinic of Morris Plains is proud to bring this wonderful advancement to the pets of northern New Jersey.








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