Clover, The Dog Rescued from a Ravine in Garret Mountain



Clover the Rescue Dog Outdoors
Clover Enjoying the Outdoor Enclosure at Animal Clinic of Morris Plains

Animal Clinic of Morris Plains is pleased to report that Clover (named for her luck by her rescuers) is well on the way to a full recovery.  Snatched from the cold of a perilous ravine in Garret Mountain in Woodland Park, NJ, Clover was a furry, matted mess when she was brought in. Slightly underweight and suffering from a minor eye infection, what a difference a few days makes.

Today, we’re pleased to report that she was very bright and energetic! Clover was examined and found to be happy, healthy, and as sweet as can be. She received vaccinations, and was an excellent patient. She then enjoyed a well-deserved treat!

Clover is eating well, and wants everyone to stop and play with her! It’s a good thing Stephanie Pearl of Second Chance Rescue visited today to admit a few new dogs to our clinic for vaccines and medical treatment. She took Clover and a few other adoptable dogs for some good playtime. They got along so well, and Clover had a ball being around the others. Sniffing, jumping, and just horsing around, a fun time was had by all these eligible dogs. Her playmates today were a Poodle named “Roxi”, a Miniature Pinscher named “Tegan”, a pretty Pomeranian Mix named “Juniper” and two long haired Dachshunds. Her boisterousness betrays no sign of the deadly peril from which she was rescued, just a few days ago.


Clover, rescued dog, with Dr. Paul Sedlacek
Clover with Dr. Paul Sedlacek

Due to the huge interest in this story by the press and the public, Clover has no shortage of potential adoptive families, having tugged at the heart strings of New Jerseyans.  Her playmates are hoping that her luck will rub off on them since they’re also looking for the right adoptive families.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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